Deep Treatment therapy

De-stress colored, permed, straightened or otherwise tortured hair. Nutrient-rich formulas enrich and protect color, rebuild, strengthen and ward against chemical and environmental damage, and turn straw to diamonds with our hair revival Treatment and our hands of gold! (Pamper yourself).

Price: $45

Dehydration Ultra Deep Therapy

Calling all styling / flat iron / blow dry / curling / crimping / teasing / twisting fanatics and those with naturally frizzy, dry or long (and thus aging) hair. This replenishing regimen corrects moisture depletion using luxurious formulas that replicate natural lipids to help protect and repair the scalp and promote optimal moisture with our TRu ultra deep - WITH A LITTLE STEAM and our massaging hands of gold& again Pamper yourself! Your hair will love your for it! balance, body and shine.

Price: $35

Density Therapy

Hold on to what you've got. These unique, synergetic formulas deliver nutrients to the scalp, reduce irritation, strengthen the root system, stimulate cellular energy and create a fertile environment for healthy growth -all with the naturals herbs from our natural derived product TRU and special scalp massaging! (which, very simply, helps you hold on to your hair longer-PRICELESS!!!!).

Price: $35

Scalp Rebalancing Therapy

Some of us (much to our dismay) suffer from enzymatic imbalance that prevents skin from departing the scalp in tiny, perfect, invisible particles, and turns them onto big, ugly, white multi-cell clumps that make wearing black next to impossible. There's help. This rebalancing regimen with potent formulas relives itching, reduces flaking, rebalances scalp cell exfoliation, moisturizes and leaves the hair feeling fantastic come in for this scalp rebalancing treatment -by naturally derived product TRU (It smells great too.)

Price: $35