Tru The Product

Tru The Product- is a high-end Boutique line of haircare products. Sold exclusively at Tru Salon and on our new Tru product page at or you can always just stop on by Tru Salon as well. Products can be Delivered to any location.Call for details.
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Men's Clay

Mens clay is pliable workable product that keeps your look for hours Great for men's new looks. Come and get yours today!Great for both Men and Women..


Tru the product in this exclusive line has several shampoos- Moisture shampoo- Hydration shampoo-Scalp Revitalizing shampoo- Men's shampoo-Volume Shampoo & now the Tru Curl Shampoo.And don't forget our Tru Dry Shampoo helps get the oil out and keeps blowout longer


Tru the product has several conditioners in this exclusive line Hydration Conditioner- Moisture Conditioner- Men's Conditioner-Revitalizing Conditioner-Volume Conditioner & now we have the Tru Curl Conditioner (can be used as a leave in).


Tru the product has Ultra Deep and Deep  for our treatment line- both are great for that once or twice a week treatment Conditioners.

Styling Products

Tru the product has Volume Mist- Curl Creme- Jet Foam-Straight mist-Shatter wax- Uv Primer-Styling Paste-Texture Paste-Taffy-Memory Mist-Grooming Creme-Beach Spray-Dry Shampoo

Finishing Products

Tru the product has some finishing products called Firm Mist-Shine Spray- Styling Paste- Texture Paste-Taffy